The values that guide our objectives and our doing are based on the original idea of the creation of the APB:

Utopia: make urban skating routes in Barcelona, at the height of European capitals, with a strong past in boosting this sport. And continue in time.

Solidarity: in highlighting personal values such as self-esteem, health and sports as a channel for happy people; and, with social values such as associations and altruistic volunteering, to maintain an independence that allows the project to continue. Achieving an open space of the city, in civic coexistence among all the users of this wonderful city.

Happiness: as a goal of improvement in the human being and its relationships, forming urban skaters committed to improving the community, capable of integrating people to a sport that continues to grow due to the advantages of the practice and the great scenery that is the city.

In the transversality of the service of the association, to the whole society, enumerating the values can be endless but we want to emphasize that perseverance, coherence, transparency, independence and the inexhaustible willpower of the human will lead us to continue improving, including , integrating and generating the roller city that we deserve, for ourselves and for the world.