The pre-route is made every Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. to confirm that the route of the route that touches that week is safe and you can enjoy Barcelona. If it is the case that it rains or some organizer cannot come, the pre is done on Thursday. Has it ever been done on the same Friday afternoon.

It is intended for new stoppers to receive instruction and to know how the team coordinates, as well as to know the routes.
In 2016, it was opened to the public with some experience, to encourage collaboration and enjoy a varied company.

For the Xino-Xano route the pre-route is made in tuesday classes.

In the pre-route, the setter and the route manager agree, in order to ensure, as far as possible, the Friday routes.
Studying, if it were the case, all the possibilities to improve the experience and assure the stoppers and assistants, a party on wheels.
In short, the route of Friday is performed, whichever one touches, at 9:00 p.m., from the starting point to the end, every week.
If it rains, it is done the day after, and even, hours before the Friday route.