The Association of Skaters of Barcelona organizes every Friday skate routes through the streets of our city, since 2003.


- The routes are for any freelance skater and with certain safe practice of urban skating, that respects the established rules.
- The meeting point where skaters are concentrated before the route is located in front of the Vila Center on Salvador Espriu 61 street (Vila Olímpica) regardless of the route that touches that week.
- They are official routes with the permission of the city guards and the City Council guided by a group "STOPPERS", volunteers members dressed in reflective vests that collaborate in the correct development of the route.
- It is necessary to be able to maintain a minimum rhythm and know how to rotate and stop properly so you can follow the routes safely
- They include third party liability insurance for the members provided that the established rules are respected.
- The length varies between 14 and 20 kilometers and the difficulty level is medium.
- The duration of the route is around 2 hours at an average rate and approximately half of the route is stopped for about 5 minutes so that people can rest.


1. - The routes start at 10:00 p.m. from the Centre de la Vila, in Salvador Espriu Street 61.
2. - During the route, the team of volunteers Stoppers with reflective vests take the route. We have to follow your instructions:
3. - Stoppers with yellow vest control the streets to the step of the head and tail of the group. For this we have the permission of Traffic, the City Council and the Urban Guard.
4. - Normally it is circulating on the right leaving the left side free so that the yellow stoppers that ensure traffic can overcome the group.
5. - Stoppers with an orange vest delimit the head and tail of the group.

- Do not exceed the Stoppers at the head of the orange group, as they (and not others) guide and mark the group's exits. A condition imposed by the city council to be able to cut the streets is to keep the group organized and compact.
- Do not stay behind the tail stoppers, orange because they mark the minimum pace, and in their step they stop controlling the passage through the streets.

6. - We raise the arms to stop and to warn of any danger in the ground (water, rails, bad asphalt).
7. - Always watch when crossing a street, the safety of riding on skates depends on everyone.
8. - And to enjoy safely every Friday!



The "Xino-Xano"’s routes are incorporated in 2014.
These Friday routes start at 10:00 pm, from 79th Salvador Espriu St. (old Bar Butyklan). They are protected by the APB and aim to boost learning and the passage of new skaters to the main route.
They have routes of between 8 km and 14 km, all within the city and by places with acceptable and safe difficulties. Their dynamics are less structured, although they have their own civic and operational norms. It is necessary to know how to brake and turn, maintain a rhythm and know how to lower and raise sidewalks, avoid obstacles, avoid steps and medium ramps.
They are energized by classroom monitors, who guarantee that the civic norms promoted and disseminated by the APB are complied with.
Both routes are covered by insurance for members, with the same procedure.
We wait for you on wheels!