The Association of Skaters of Barcelona (APB) teaches skating lessons for all levels in the Paseo García Faria between Espronceda / Lope de Vega streets.

The class monitors are volunteer members of the association who collaborate altruistically.

The use of protections (wristbands, knee pads and elbows) is mandatory and the use of a helmet is recommended. The responsibility and risk of these activities must be borne by each person personally.

The Association's skate and protection loan service is currently deactivated. Interested people can go on their own to a specialist shop and rent the skates before the start of classes.

You can only participate by prior reservation and arriving at the time mentioned in the confirmation email.





TUESDAY de 21:00h a 22:30h all year round
SUNDAYS de 19:00h a 20:30h summer
SUNDAYS de 17:00 a 18:30h winter


During class hours, we have a skater attention at the main table to guide you to the different levels, to become a member, to have information about our association, to contact a board member or class leaders or in case of any doubt.

In the table we have a high link form to become a member of our association, although it can also be downloaded from this website. Membership cards are no longer collected by hand, they are sent in digital format via email. For payments by bank transfer, it is necessary to count about 3 weeks between the date of entry of the membership fee and the date of availability of the card.


Everyone is responsible for their belongings during class time. The central table will be the only place that will be monitored for the duration of the classes and even here, we ask you to be attentive and that at the end of the classes you will collaborate in its withdrawal so that we can collect the materials as soon as possible.

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