Do you know the innumerable advantages of skating?

If for some reason you are still wondering if this sport is for you, we want to summarize some of the innumerable advantages they have for your physical and psychological health. Keep in mind, above all, that with the proper protections and taking some basic precautions is a sport that can practice the whole family and in which one can start at almost any age.

Skating is an exercise that brings many advantages to those who practice it, and we do not only talk about the physical benefits associated with the practice of any sport. These are, however, worth mentioning. To begin with, it is a sport in which the perception of effort is lower than in others and the energy expenditure is higher. If we compare with other sports in half an hour of bicycle burn 150 calories, in half an hour of aerobics about 180 and in half an hour skating consumed approximately 300 calories. That is, twice as much as on a bicycle. Tests performed to measure aerobic activity, that is, the work done by the heart and lungs to take oxygen and carry it through the blood to the cells of the body, revealed that skating is better aerobic exercise than pedaling.

Regarding the anaerobic benefits, that is, those that determine the effectiveness of exercise to strengthen and develop muscles, skating proved to be very positive because it exercises hip, thighs and legs more easily; even the upper extremities and the shoulders are exercised with the natural stroke that originates when skating with greater intensity. In addition to all this, skating is a very complete sport because it exercises balance, reflexes, coordination and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Skating is also a sport within reach of any pocket since we can find models of low-end skates below 50 euros and that is the recommended option for those who start and still do not know if their hobby will be long-lasting.

It is also a remarkable activity as an element of sociability since it is one that is best enjoyed when practiced in a group. Associations such as the APB are born from this need. The enthusiasm for this sport has no border and thousands and thousands who declare unconditional skating. What are you waiting for?

Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy Barcelona in a truly exceptional way.