By virtue of being a member you enjoy a Healthcare insurance on all routes organized by the Barcelona Skaters Association.
1. In case of very serious accident with ambulance transfer and IMMEDIATE medical attention. You have to call 112 and they will take you to the nearest Health Center of the Social Security.

2. In case of an accident that does not require an ambulance transfer, you must call 913939030 (24 hours) and they will indicate the nearest Center to visit you. There they will ask you for the "Personal accident communication document".

• If it is very urgent to receive medical attention, you have to comment that you do not have the document, you can get a telephone number from the medical center, you can contact the Board through the address with your name, ID, Member number, Name medical center, telephone medical center and small explanation of what has happened. Once this information is received, we will send the "Personal Accident Communication Document" to the corresponding Center as quickly as possible.
• If the medical attention is not necessary to do it "in situ" you contact the Board through the address with your name, DNI, Num. Member and little explanation of what has happened. Once we have received this information, we will send you as soon as possible the "Personal Accident Communication Document" and with this document you can visit any MGS company call center by calling 913933251 (24 hours).
We have also contracted a civil liability guarantee with a guarantee of € 601,000 with a € 150 deductible amount that will be paid by the partner in the event of a loss.

Minors always have to be accompanied by an adult.

If you have any questions you can contact us at


The insurance company reserves the right to denounce or cancel the guarantees of any partner that is detected has made a misuse of the policy.

Accident coverage is for legal residents in the territory, with DNÏ or with NIE. Any other form of identification does not recognize the benefit.