The activity report is a document, which contains the results of the project management and development.
Communicating what we do and how we do it, is the best way to understand and improve, to evaluate and grow.
In addition to informing, the objective is to present, in a summary way, the most important data.
As of 2015, we have implemented this powerful communication tool; with partners and partners, with other institutions and with the world.
In the VOLUNTEER, sometimes, time is not enough and, therefore, it is an added value that must be taken into account when communicating.
Also, the new trends, the reform of laws, the current demands for quality information, require an extra and adequate effort.
As an institution with years of history, with weekly activities, with such varied relationships, it has become an essential presentation document, to generate transparency and trust.
Urban sport, altruistic volunteering, perseverance, effort, commitment, are some of the values ​​that make this association continue, as an example and guide.
APB, more than skating.
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