The Association of Skaters of Barcelona (APB) teaches skating lessons for all levels in the Paseo García Faria between Espronceda / Lope de Vega streets from 9:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

The class monitors are voluntary members of the association who collaborate in an altruistic way. Classes are taught every week of the year, including the weeks within the Christmas period, Easter, months of July and August or bridges. If due to weather conditions or dates (for example December 24 or January 5) it is decided that the classes will not be carried out, it will always be clearly and visibly notified on the home page of the Association's website. You must arrive at least a quarter of an hour before the start of classes (9:30 pm) to put on the skates and protections.

The activities are organized in levels: initiation, improvement and advanced. Simultaneously and according to the number of volunteer assistant assistants, these levels will be subdivided into several sublevels, being a bit common to have a pair of sub-levels for each level. The level of initiation is designed for those novice skaters who are not yet ready to skate alone and safely. Within this level, basic skating techniques such as braking, turning, lowering ramps or climbing small steps are learned and perfected. Anyone can participate and repeat as many times as desired since it is completely free. A little before the classes an introductory speech is given, where it is said that the monitors will be for each level of that Tuesday and in which zone each level will be. In attending these classes for the first time it is not necessary to sign up anywhere or notify anyone, you just have to pay attention to this initial speech and join the initiation group when the class begins.

Every week people of all ages attend for the first time and the monitors are used to meeting new faces continuously. Any Tuesday is as good as any other to come for the first time to skate with us! The use of protections (wrist straps, knee and elbow pads) is mandatory, as is the use of a helmet. The responsibility and risk, of these activities, will be assumed by each one personally. Since the Association have a loan service, persons interested can go on their own to a specialized store and rent skates before the start of classes.

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