Due to the health situation, the procedure has been changed by implementing a protocol that responds to the requirements of the Sports Council of the Generalitat de Catalunya.


In order to have all attendees identified, the mandatory reservation via web link will be enabled for both members and non-members.

Sorry but we will not accept any attendees if they are not on the list

In response you will receive a confirmation email quoting you at a differentiated meeting point for:

In this way we will divide the attendees in two and avoid gatherings of more than 30 people.


You must arrive at the appointment point at the time mentioned in the email (half an hour before the start). We're sorry, but if you're late, you'll have to wait until the next day.

  • Attendees (mandatory with mask):
  • skates and protections will be put on (skate lending remains disabled), protections are mandatory (knee pads and wrist straps at level 0). In addition the helmet is recommended (obligatory to the hockey and downhill)
  • monitors will also be identified as wearing a mask
  • you will be given a temperature control (it must give less than 37.4ºC and in case of exceeding it, it is repeated after 10 minutes)
  • you will have hydroalcoholic gel on your hands
  • attendees will be distributed among the available monitors
  • classes will begin on time
  • in classes you will be able to take off your mask only if the safety distance is respected.