2019/02/07 Review of the Strategic Sports Plan of Barcelona

2019/02/07 Review of the Strategic Sports Plan of Barcelona

Review of the Strategic Sports Plan of Barcelona, ​​Thursday 07/02/19.

We have participated in the review of the data collected in years of work, from the Municipal Sports Council.

There have been many meetings, hours of workshops, where we participated actively, sharing the data collected in our activities, and bring the knowledge of the street, which we have to make a daily use and perspective of transport, in addition, urban leisure sport .

We have a lot of information to guide the policies of Barcelona, ​​a city with a very important
sporting history and an Olympic legacy, which keeps the sport active, and gives space to as
many disciplines, to develop in the best possible scenario.

Grateful to the IBE, for all the opportunities and for the trust, for the respect for our discipline and the successes achieved, and for keeping our association in mind.

Thank you for the possibility of being listened to and of collaborating with people who take
care that the sport is still present in the city and is projected in the future.

Thanks to the commissioner @martacargil, @BcnMnb, @ gabiarranz99, for all the moments
dedicated to giving space to urban skating and the APB, aware that your support has a lot to
do with the freedom to enjoy our passion on wheels.


APB, more than skating.