The Barcelona Skaters Association (Asociación de Patinadores de Barcelona = APB) offers skating classes for all levels every Tuesday in a park along the Paseo García Faria between Espronceda and Lope de Vega, from 9:30-11:00pm; and workshops beginners alls sundays at 19:00h (summer time) or 17:00h (winter time).

The instructors are volunteer members of APB who offer their time at no charge. The classes are offered year-round, even during the Christmas and Easter (Semana Santa) holiday periods and the summer. If they have to be cancelled for bad weather or another reason, an announcement is made on the APB web site: You should plan to arrive at class 15 minutes early, so you can be wearing skates and protection on time.

You have to wear protection (wrist guards, elbow guards and knee guards) and we recommend a helmet, but the risk and responsibility of this activity is assumed by each participant on his own. APB doesn’t rent skates, so if you need to rent, please organize that with one of the local stores beforehand.


The activities are organized by level: initiation, development and advanced. Depending on the number of instructors and students, these levels may be further subdivided, usually into at least a couple of sub-levels.  At the beginning of classes, we give a little speech describing what levels are being taught that day, by which instructor and in which area. There’s no need to make a reservation or tell us you’re coming – just show up and pay attention when the groups are divided up.

The initiation level is for new skaters who can’t yet skate alone safely. At this level we teach basic skills like braking, turning, descending ramps and climbing stairs. Everybody can repeat this level at no cost as many times as they like, until they’re comfortable with the skills taught.

Every week, people come for the first time, and the instructors are used to seeing new faces. Any Tuesday is as good as another to come join us for the first time!