Classes : Tuerday at 9.30 p.m. in the "Passeig Garcia Faria" / Friday Night Skate : Friday at 10.30 p.m. at the "Centre de la Vila"

ROUTE APB Born, October 24th

Now that some time ago we can enjoy this Friday a nice route by Born, walk through the narrow streets of the old part of Barcelona.

Sure to be a fun path where everyone will enjoy.

We waited at the Centre de la Vila at 22:30!!!


Route APB Carles III, October 17 th.

Today we present Carles III Road to enjoy this Friday.

To assist the route must have a sufficient level to ensure turning, braking fully autonomously.

We waited at the Centre de la Vila at 22:30!!!

Ruta Carles III

APB RAMBLA PRIM Road, October 10 th

We present route for this Friday, today enjoy the Route Rambla Prim

Remember to bring water for proper hydration.

We waited at the Centre de la Vila at 22:30!!!


Route APB Francesc Macia, October 1

As the first month path is an open path where the level is a bit lower for people who are starting to make routes can take confidence.
However, this does not mean that it is less fun, enjoy the route Francesc Macià.
We waited at the Centre de la Vila at 22:30!!!



Reaches the end of summer ... What do you think deserves ?, dismiss as having enjoyed it, with those long afternoons rutillas, hours and hours of practice cones and those beautiful sunsets.

At this time we feel that the end of summer comes, and with it the endless beach and evenings so appreciated these routes evening.

But maybe it's the company and we are becoming more in this great family APBera comes the moment of reunion, after the holidays to tell the stories and view thousands of photos.
We invite WHITE ROUTE 2014 to live those moments and many more !!!

The route will start as every Friday at the Centre de la Vila on September 26 at 22:30 h.
The proposal is that all go dressed in white, Ibiza or San Ferminero whichever you prefer to call it (yes, abstain from coming wedding dress or similar). Because white is considered the color of safety and perfection, because it is fashionable and, to deceive, because it is more likely that we have all linens for any house we agree to some other color.

I hope everyone !!

Route APB Sant Andreu, 19 September

This Friday, the last Friday of summer enjoy the San Andreu Route

This Friday we acompanayaran dancers Bcn Roller Dance.


We waited at the Centre de la Vila at 22:30!!!

Solidaruty night against childhood leukemia

This Friday, 9/12/14 we join the skid foundation unoentrecienmil organized in the fight against childhood leukemia in many cities (

It is an ambitious and results for the future but with the strength to bet that in the future children will not suffer this disease and why do the first steps to get it together and united because we have the ability to make a cure possible .

From APB contribute our grain of sand and we are all giving way to dreams a reality so that our children have a healthy and happy childhood. *

We wait with hope and • always with the spirit of solidarity that makes us better people.

APB rather than skating!

* Contribution € 1. All proceeds will be entirely foundation unoentrecienmil. Delivery route numbers before the bar in George's starting point between 21: 22 and 30hs: 15hs.


ROUTE APB Casc Antic, September 5.

It is time to meet again with friends after the summer holidays. This week we bring you the Route of Casc Antic, as is the first of the month is open.

Remember you to bring water to hydrate and leave after the path to alcohol.

We waited at the Centre de la Vila at 22:30!!!





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