Classes : Tuerday at 9.30 p.m. in the "Passeig Garcia Faria" / Friday Night Skate : Friday at 10.30 p.m. at the "Centre de la Vila"

Ruta APB - Gràcia.

this week touches us Grace route:
A route of medium difficulty to enjoy Barcelona on wheels and friends.



Ruta APB - Costa Dorada.

Co-organized with TarracoPatina .


Day: Sunday, April 3, 2016. Departure time: 11h30.
Starting point: Salou train station. End Time: 14h30 approximately. Instead of
End: Paseo Jaime I in Salou. Route distance: approximately 25km.

Profile of route: almost flat, with some slopes.
Route Difficulty: Easy in general, with some specific difficulties.

The route is not difficult but you have to turn and brake correctly. Total autonomy is required
Skater. You need to have sufficient strength to withstand three hours
approximate route that lasts. They made several stops to rest and regain strength


The safety of the routes is carried by the group formed by the stoppers Stoppers head,
side and tail. The speed of the route is tailored to the circumstances of the terrain and the
density pedestrians. The speed is moderate. It is a ride, not a race.


Protections are recommended.
Bring liquid. The route is long and can get hot. Wear something light to eat during the
route. Use sunscreen.
Wear sunglasses.
Having your skates and wheels in good condition.
Always follow the instructions of the stoppers responsible for the route.

Any problems or difficulties communicate it to those responsible for the safety of the route.
The organization reserves the right to change the route if circumstances warrant. The
hypothetical changes would be communicated through websites and forums of both associations.
The organization declines all responsibility in case of accident, both along the route and in
displacement. In case of rain it will attempt to route the following weekend.

This route is organized with the permission and colaboracción of the municipalities of Salou, Vila-seca
and Cambrils.

Last train schedule before departure:
Barcelona Sants output (BCN) - 10: 03hs.
Salou Arrival 11: 21h.
We will caboose.

Ruta APB - Casco Antiguo.

We began April with the "open" path Casco Antiguo
A route with low difficulty and to enjoy with friends and catch up on news.

Route APB - Poble Sec

Route APB Pueblo Seco, end of the month, is not too long but it have two increases needed to enjoy the magic of the source and of the descent.
The track is in the event and soon on the web.
Come to enjoy together!
¡Attention please, next green pedestrian we gooo ...!

Blue route APB - Camp Nou.

Friday 03.18.16 Welcome spring with blue, blue Mediterranean blue APB.

The tour is Camp Nou (

At the end of the route at Buty, all carrying clothing APB get a little surprise.

¡See you there!

III Passejada Roda Petita 28/02/16.

Event in solidarity with La Salle Gràcia and the Catalan Association Fragile X Syndrome.

Sunday 02.28.16 - 11: ooh. - 14 North Square, Barcelona.

Roller Disco 27/2/16

Saturday Nigth in Line => Roller Disco APB with La Bruixa Baldufa (al Orfeó Maritnec - Avda. Meridiana 97- Barcelona)

ROUTE APB Nou Barris, February 26th

This Friday we Nou Barris route, is a path ends meet, this means that s not recommended to start being more complicated.

In parallel we have the spiral path, easiest route to get started in the urban skating.

Acordaros to bring water to hydrate and leave after the path to alcohol.

We waited at the Centre de la Vila at 22:30!!!





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