Classes : Tuerday at 9.30 p.m. in the "Passeig Garcia Faria" / Friday Night Skate : Friday at 10.30 p.m. at the "Centre de la Vila"

ROUTE APB Rambla Prim, APRIL 18th

The APB is not going on vacation this Friday enjoy the route Rambla Prim

This Friday we will respect the rain i will make a pleasant temperature for a spin around Barcelona

We waited at the Centre de la Vila at 22:30!!!

Ruta Rambla Prim


V Edition 24h. Roller Tour 2014.

On 19 and 20 July 2,014 V takes place 24h Edition. Roller Tour.

Each year, the APB has been present with teams of skaters who have lived experience of resistance, sportsmanship, fellowship and great enthusiasm.

In APB want to give you a support*, if you want to participe, build your team and come!!!
*Support to members.

2014 Sant George's celebretion.

Friday 18 April we anticipate the feast of St. George  (April 23 - also World Book Day), as is tradition, we want to keep alive the spirit of our culture.

We propose you a red route with hearts and roses, to remember that feelings are a fundamental part of being human.
Can bring poems or reviews to give up and give as a gesture of love and friendship!

They can also come with yellow pieces as part of the flag that represents us.

We hope to see them next Friday!

ROUTE APB Carles III, April 11th 2014

Hello everyone. Today we present Route Carles III. It's a pretty fun route.

Do not forget to bring sports drinks. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.

We waited at the Centre de la Vila at 22:30!!!

Ruta Carles III


ROUTE APB Casc Antic, April 4th, 2014

We have here on Friday. If the weather lets us do Casc Antic Road.It's a fun route that runs primarily through narrow streets.

This route is open to all skaters who have a level 1.5.

We waited at the Centre de la Vila at 22:30!!!

Ruta Casc Antic


April is here!

Dear members,

good weather arrives and we'd watch you enjoying all that the Association provides: sports, health, friends, tours, lessons, and much more.

We are waiting!

APB Road Camp Nou, March 26th 2014

It's here on Friday. And like every Friday playing a good route. This Friday we'll Route Camp Nou.

We waited at the Centre de la Vila at 22:30!!!

Ruta Camp Nou

We recall that this Friday is the last route of the month and it is advisable to have at least one level 2.5.

If you do not yet have this level You are all invited to the classes on Tuesdays.


Clases martes 25/03/2014

Partners skaters!
This tuesday we have classes, route 2.5, cones and much more!
We wait you!!!

Twinning Barcelona-Montpellier in June 2014

Within the framework of the twinning event Barcelona-Montpellier, LA APB receives a visit from our friends the Funny Riders!

This event takes place between 6 and 9 June!

We seek accommodation by skaters, we have 8 seats and we need 8 more. This will give preference next year that we have to go.

An engagement letter is signed and prefer partners, but you're all invited to host!

For more information, comunicaos mail:

Expect your cooperation!

Thank you!

Agermanament Barcelona-Montepellier 2014

Route APB Sant Andreu, March 21th 2014

This Friday ben to welcome spring enjoy a fun route.

As first route will spring Road Sant Andreu

We waited at the Centre de la Vila at 22:30!!!


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